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I help people create products and services that people want to use.

Is your current app or website not performing as you’d hoped, taking a long time to build, and not meeting the needs of its users? I can help.

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Working alongside you, I undertake user research to find out your customers really want and need so you can help them effectively.

Through design discovery workshops, I can help you explore, test, and communicate design ideas, and build and validate lightweight prototypes, saving you time and money building the right thing later on.

About Dan:

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I am an independent user / customer researcher and user experience designer.

I help people design products and services which meet the needs of users / customers / people by putting users / customers / people at the heart of the design process.

I have over twenty years of experience working in software and design.

For the past five years, I have been leading and conducting user research and user experience design activity.

I have skills and experience across the range of user / customer research and experience design.

Here are some things I am good at:

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User Research

  • Contextual research, usability testing, and desk research. I am really good at conducting depth interviews with project and organisation stakeholders and with users / customers / people.
  • Capturing and presenting insights from user research including using personas, user journeys, and scenarios to inform design processes.
  • Information architecture.
  • Using user research to apply usable structures to content through information architecture and content design.
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Design Discovery and Prototyping

  • Design Discovery and Prototyping
  • Organising, facilitating, and participating in co-design activities and workshops.
  • Sketching and creating prototypes of all kinds to explore, test, and communicate design ideas.
  • Information architecture and content design.
  • UI, interaction design, and prototyping.
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Workshops, Training and Public Speaking

  • Teaching, coaching, mentoring, and public speaking.
  • Writing, including a published book on prototyping.


Dan Goodwin UX Portfolio

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